Weekend Challenge #2: Custom ASP.NET MVC Exception Page

So after last week’s challenge, I decided to continue on and try something new this week. This time, my focus was on something I didn’t have a whole lot of experience in, which was hooking into the ASP.NET error handling system and writing my own custom exception error page to replace any pre-existing one.

This project definitely turned out to be a little easier than last week’s, but also has an oppourtunity to be something extremely useful.

Right now, it works like this: Upon your application throwing an exception, this library (formally known as FancyError) will take over the response back to the web browser, displaying a custom error page with some basic details. Behind the scenes, it’s also tracking exception types and how often they are appearing. If checks are met, the error page will let the visitor know that there is a possible outage going on, and provide links to any suppoort or status pages you might have.

There’s more work I want to do on this project, but it’s out there ready to try. Give it a look: https://github.com/bradmb/fancy-error

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